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Train smarter. Transform faster.

Turf is a high performance, semi-private training program that combines functional movement and expert coaching to deliver performance-driven, personally tailored training for optimal results.

First, you’ll get to know yourself better through the Turf Assessment, which includes a 3D body scan, a postural analysis, and an in-depth movement screen. Your information will then be used to pinpoint your objectives and create a personal roadmap to your success.

Once your path is set, you’ll deep dive into your program alongside your Turf coach and fellow teammates. Sessions are designed to increase variability, keeping you on your toes and improving your adaptability to whatever comes your way.

You’ll then be able to track your progress in real time, through your personal performance portal, where you’ll be able to see your results after each workout. Step up, push through, and transform yourself with us.



Turf Program Benefits


  • Muscle Improved RMR (More Calories Burned At Rest)
  • Fat Burning Capabilities through excess post-exercise oxygen consumption
  • Sensorimotor skills
  • Quickness and accuracy of decision making in pressure situations
  • Increase concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress


  • Perception, Cognition, and Motor Control
  • Movement Variability: Effective Movement In All 3 Planes Of Motion
  • Visual and sensory performance and processing
  • Ability to simultaneously maintain central visual attention on a verbal task while responding to a peripheral eye-hand motor task.
  • Sports Specific Performance

Turf Tools

  • Keiser Pneumatic Technology
  • FITLIGHT wireless reaction training system
  • HYPERICE Vibration Technology
  • SENAPTEC Sensory Station
  • FIT3D Body Scanner