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Breathe. Focus. Take a moment. Here, mind meets matter. INSIGHT is a holistic experience—a departure from the demands of the day to day. More than a studio, this is a sanctuary to relax, restore, and rejuvenate. We guide you through the foundations of yoga—yama (codes of social conduct), niyama (self-observance), asanas (postures), pranayama (breath), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (self-realization)—to harmonize your body, mind, and energy. Soulful and meditative, each class’s intention is to help you find your innermost calm and voice. Discover balance, seek consciousness, and transcend.

Fight Book

Dig in. Fists up. Go all out. Here, you’ll find the strength to fight through any challenge. FIGHT is an intensive, power packed experience designed to build tenacity, stamina, and mental acuity. We combine the ancient martial art with traditional boxing methods to unleash your inner champion. With practice of the Muay Thai “Art of Eight Limbs” (two hands, two feet, two elbows, and two knees), you’ll engage in a progression of full body movements and power strikes, improving your overall speed and agility. Seize the day, fight the good fight, and triumph with us.

Flight Book

Run. Row. Soar. Here, you’ll push yourself to new limits, increasing your stamina, stability, and overall strength. FLIGHT is a high intensity journey that jumps between intervals of sprints, rowing, and full body strength movements to burn calories and build aerobic endurance. It’s a fully engaged, functional workout that will get your heart pumping and body sweating. Whether you start on a Woodway treadmill, a WaterRower, or on the floor, you’ll be part of a “Flight team” with the same purpose of personal glory and achievement. Set your pace, establish a goal, and fly right past it.