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John Honerkamp



Inspired By:


Coaching Style:

“Everyone’s a runner; some people just choose not to run.”

Tell us about your early roots in your practice of choice.

I ran my first road race on the Long Beach boardwalk at age 6, alongside my uncle who was training for the NYC Marathon. I ran the kids mile in 6:54. I kept running from there!

What inspires you in your practice?

I’m constantly inspired by all of the new runners who show up to my Rise + Run classes. It takes courage to show up that first time, and I strongly believe that it’s never too late to start!

What are valuable lessons learned from your training?

I have something I call the “Twenty Minute Rule.” If you’re either too tired or too busy to run, just get out there for 20 minutes. Most likely, you’ll feel much better after 20 minutes of running and will end up getting more miles in. Get out there! You won’t regret it. I like to say; everyone’s a runner; some people just choose not to run.

What are some other classes you enjoy at Rise?


What does social wellness mean to you?

Rise epitomizes the concept of social wellness by combining fitness with a community vibe. I’ve noticed that many members who show up to Rise + Run often start off unfamiliar with anyone in the group and build friendships with one another over time.