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Rise by We has partnered with USCI to create a weekly wellness programming schedule, making it easier than ever for USCI WeWork employees to take better physical, mental and spiritual care of themselves.

As part of the partnership, we’ll have a total of eight different classes to choose from at various times throughout the week at both Rise by We and on the 8th Floor of 85 Broad St. Best of all, classes will be offered at absolutely no cost to USCI employees! Below is complete recap of programming, registration details and all the information needed to get started.


Step 1: TAKE the survey

Step 2: CREATE your Rise by We profile using the below instructions

Step 3: BOOK one of the below classes on the USCI schedule


For access to complimentary USCI classes and programming, click the below link and follow the prompts to “purchase” a membership to your account. Please be sure to use your WeWork email when prompted to “create an account.”

Step 1: Click HERE to get started creating your profile

Step 2: Click “Make Purchase” then click “Check Out”

Step 3: Enter your WeWork email in “Create an Account” field and click “Next”

Step 4: Enter your information in the blank fields for sections 1 and 2 click, select “85 Broad WW Employee” from the drop down then click “I Agree” and “Create Account”

Step 5: Click “Check Out” on the Shopping Cart page

Step 6: Click “Place Order on the Check Out / Place Order page


FIGHT is an intensive, power packed experience combining traditional western boxing and eastern martial arts to unleash your inner champion.

FLOW30 REFUEL is an open level 30 minute practice that combines methods from vinyasa, jivamukti, restorative yoga and beyond. Soulful and athletic, each class’s intention is to help you find your innermost calm and voice.

RECOVERY EXPRESS is the answer to better body performance. Find the optimal potential of your muscles, increase blood flow to large muscle groups using foam rollers, and engage into stronger posture with yoga-inspired restorative flow. 15 max

RISE + RUN is a six week running program culminating in a 5-mile local team race. Train for your first or fastest run with weekly themed courses, warm ups, drills and cool downs designed by expert coach John Honerkamp.

SEATED FOCUS is a guided mindfulness practice incorporating intentional joint-freeing exercises and breathwork to awaken the connection between breath, body, mind and spirit. This practice allows you to press pause on your day and focus your attention inwards.

TURF PERFORMANCE is a fast paced, high performance program that keeps you on your toes with a rotating series of challenge-based strength, agility and core focused stations you will experience as a team. Max 14. 50 min.

POWER NAP is a short nap in the mid-afternoon can boost memory, improve job performance, lift your mood, make you more alert, and ease stress. Bring your need for some late afternoon rejuvenation and we’ll take care of the rest.

PLANTABLE NUTRITION WORKSHOPS Plantable is a wellness platform that puts you in charge of your relationship with food. No more cravings, crashes or fad diets—just the simple science that empowers you to own your health.

PERSONAL WELLNESS TREATMENTS a variation of partnered programming such as facials, acupressure, reiki, sound healing, and more.


Click HERE to view the complete schedule and book your classes

Click “view details” on the schedule to view class descriptions and room locations

When booking on the RISE APP, select USCI as your main location from the drop down menu.


Your membership gives you complimentary access to USCI programming only

Paid members will need to toggle between USCI and 85 Broad Schedule locations for booking

Your USCI membership will auto renew monthly on the original date of “purchase”

USCI members are exempt from late cancellation fee referenced in booking confirmation email

However please cancel your reservation to release you spot as courtesy to waitlisted members.

Arrive ten minutes early to your first class at Rise by We to activate your keycard

If you have any trouble booking a class please contact